How To Spot A Ladyboy or Transgender In Thailand

Ladyboy or Katoey is a transexual or transgender in Thailand. He may or may not have undergone a transexual surgery to transform himself into a woman. It’s not easy to spot one right away as they almost look like a woman. They crossdress, act and appear like a real woman.

Thailand has openly accepted ladyboys in their culture as a third gender. Some places and establishments have put up a third gender toilets to separate them from male and female.

There are basic ways, however, to identify a ladyboy and to ensure that you are not dating one of them. Scan her visually from top to bottom. Memorize them and you will be safe, hopefully.

Here is a quick guide to spot any one of them:

  1. Height. Average Thai woman are not very tall. So if you see a lady who is taller than 5’5”, then she is more likely a he, once.
  2. Face. Look at the face intently. Men has an angular shape: wider jaws and squarer chins.
  3. Adam’s apple: Well, you know very well that guys have a very obvious Adam’s apple. Still be careful, this can’t be a guarantee yet. There are operations that can reduce an Adams apple.
  4. Voice. Men have a lower voice than women. So when ladyboys speak like a woman, they either have a croaky voice or a high pitch voice that is abnormally higher than a woman.
  5. Body built. Men has broader shoulders, and narrower hips compared to women.
  6. Chest. Guess what? Ladyboys are mostly bustier than a real average woman. They go for the biggest size they can afford when getting breast implants.
  7. Bra-less. Normal women in Thailand always wear a bra. Ladyboys? They usually don’t wear a bra. They love to flaunt it.
  8. Foot size. Like the height, Thai girls foot are proportionate to their body built. If she is small, so does her foot size. If she has a large foot, again she’s a he, once.

So, these are the most common identifications to detect a ladyboy in Thailand whether you are looking for them to date one or avoiding them so you won’t be having regrets later on. So be careful, be very careful.

Happy dating!