How To Dating A Thai Woman

How To Date A Thai Woman in Thailand

When it comes to dating a Thai woman, Thailand’s culture must be observed. Showing respect, courtesy and honesty will place you in high regards in pursuing to date a Thai woman and you are off to a good impression to her.

Here are some helpful tips in dating a Thai woman you are attracted to.

Approach her first

You make the first move of getting to know the woman you like. 

Be friendly. Look at her in the eyes with a smile.

Be in a positive, happy mood.

She likes it when you greet her first with a simple “Hi” and follow it up with a good conversation.

Be a gentleman

Don’t be too strong or aggressive. Thais considered it as a lack of courtesy. They are put off by strong, superior and aggressive men, especially expats.

Be respectful and humble. Remember, you are trying to win her heart. They like to take things slowly in getting to know you. 

Even if she thinks that you are awesome, she is just going to keep that impression in her head only and won’t hesitate to ignore you if you are in a rush to win her over. 

Dress up nicely and appropriately

Don’t go on a date in a “Farang Uniform”

Farang uniform is a two-piece clothing that is a tank top and a short trousers.

Be well-groomed and smell good. 

No public display of affections

  • Don’t be touchy. 
  • No holding hands. 
  • Don’t kiss or hug her in public.

Thai women are traditional and conservative. They feel uncomfortable by these gestures. 

Thais don’t shake hands upon meeting or bidding goodbyes. Instead, hold your palms together (wai) as if praying then bow slightly. But it’s alright if these are done in a private environment after several dates.  And only if she allows it, too.

Choose a restaurant

You may ask her first where to dine but she appreciates if you take time to research and pick a restaurant for a date instead of asking her for suggestions. 

Avoid too much alcohol

Like any other lady anywhere in the world, she’s cautious about the guy she’s going out on a date. 

She is making sure that you are not addicted to drugs or alcohol. 

Have great conversations

Be interested in her. Connect with her by asking her about the beauty of her country, their culture and traditions.

Let her know you as well. Tell her personal stories of your childhood, friends and family.

Avoid sex conversations

Remember that Thai people are conservative. They are embarrassed by sexual topics and banters on a date. They don’t consider it as a good etiquette.

After having your first date with your Thai girl, proceed to plan your next date. For tips on your next date you may want to read our article Where To On A Date in Pattaya.

Tell her that you want to see her again. If she likes you, she’ll agree to seeing you again.

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